Amana Refrigerator Popular Features

There are a number of great features that keeps this brand at the top of the charts when it comes to consumer satisfaction and value for the money. Some examples are:

  • Easy Freezer Food Organizer which lets you organize and access your food with greater ease and control than ever before!
  • Interior Fridge Faucet: Instead of an exterior door dispenser, many models have the EasyFill internal filtered water dispenser which puts out cold, clean water any time you need it.
  • Temp Controlled Drawers: This allows you to put all your cheeses and deli meats in plain sight in humidity controlled drawers adding to the lifespan of your foods.

Lastly, the Energy Star label is on a number of these models and considering the annual energy savings you could potentially realize, we highly recommend you keep an eye out for this tag.

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