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Deodorize the refrigerator

The refrigerator brings convenient for our life.We can deserve things for a long time and keep leftovers we can’t finish being fresh.As we keep our food fresh, our refrigerator smells bad.Because the refrigerator is a small enclosed space with poor air permeability. The taste of various foods is mixed together and the natural taste becomes unpleasant.
How to remove the odor of refrigerator?
I have three tips for you to remove the odor of your refrigerator.

Tip 1:Find a Copper Coin
Everyone has copper coins at home, and even we feel that there is no place to put them, which is very troublesome. Now I have a good suggestion.To put them into your refrigerator to remove the odor of the refrigerator.Maybe many people has a question of it.Why is the copper coin?What is the principle of it?
Now let me tell the truth!
Copper coins contain copper ions, which can absorb odors in the air.This not only solves the problem of refrigerator odor, but also solves the problem of coin placement nowhere.

Tip 2:Using a Dry Towel
When the refrigerators tastes delicious, you will hesitate to eat it.When the odor in the refrigerator becomes heavier, the ingredients are also affected. The refrigerator also lost its original function.
But dont worry ,you just need a dry towel and then you can remove the odor.

Tip 3:Using tea-leaves
Tea not only can make tea, but also has many other effects, especially for removing the odor in the refrigerator, which is more effective.Put some tea wrapped in toilet paper in the space of the refrigerator. Be careful not to pack too tightly. Tea can absorb odor, toilet paper can also.In this way, not only the odor of the refrigerator has been removed, but also there will be a light fragrance of tea.
These are three tips for removing the odor of refrigerators. They are not only simple and practical, but also very fast for removing the odor of refrigerators.

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