Do I Need to Treat My Water?

The truth is many of us don’t spend much time thinking about the satisfactory of our ingesting water. Often we are lulled into a false sense of safety that our water exceptional is top-notch, whilst in truth there may be alarming quantities of contaminants in our residential water supply.

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For domestic owners with a well, the issue of water nice is greater standard than these furnished by municipal water. Well owners are normally extra conscious of the want for some vigilance in monitoring water quality, specially these placed close to doable sources of run-off inclusive of agricultural run-off. Well owners should be testing their water on a everyday foundation (at least 4 times a year) and they must take distinct care to have the water tested for micro-biological contamination (bacterial and viral pathogens) typically too.

Micro-biological contamination, most usually bacterial pathogens such as E.coli and Coliform can be a primary cause for difficulty as these pathogens can do high-quality damage to your health. The presence of either of these pathogens simply must no longer be tolerated and you should take motion to make certain your water is free of contamination with the aid of killing these organisms earlier than they get a danger to infect your family.

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Traditional disinfection has been carried out by means of adding chlorine (usually chlorine bleach) to the well and waiting for a period of time whilst the micro organism is killed in the well. This manner is cumbersome and in addition have to be done on a regular groundwork as new pathogens are brought into the well water. The different draw back of this method is that chemical disinfection can create byproducts which in themselves can be unsafe to your health.

Those provided with municipal water not assume that they are necessarily immune from water pleasant problems. A speedy search of stories related to boil water orders by myself issued with the aid of municipalities will convince you that the remaining duty to make sure your own water best rests in the give up with you.

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The chemical-free way to ensure that your water is completely secure is to use Ultra Violet mild (UV) to kill all bacterial and viral pathogens in actual time (as you use the water) and round the clock. UV is a time-tested technology, totally safe, really tremendous and environmentally sound. There is no better way to make sure safe consuming water, and no more value tremendous method per unit volume.

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