Refrigerators at all price points are increasingly tricked out with options to make your life easier and more organized. French-door models are usually the most loaded. Just know if you can’t live without adjustable shelving or an in-door coffee maker, you’ll have to pay top dollar. The features below are the ones we think will make you happiest. For more, check our refrigerator ratings.

1、Through-the-Door Ice and Water Dispenser

This is one of the features most requested by buyers. Caveat: We found that models with this convenience also require the most repairs. Energy costs are higher, too, and you trade ice water for storage space.
2、Door-in-Door Storage Access
Without opening the entire door, you can grab frequently-used beverages and condiments. That will save on energy costs in the long run.
3、Freshness Features
Dual evaporators help maintain higher humidity levels in the refrigerated areas and prevent freezer odors from migrating there. Air purifiers eliminate bacteria and mold spores, while vacuum-sealed crisper drawers claim to keep food fresher longer.

4、Temperature Controls
You decide how cold your fridge is in certain areas. For example, set a drawer to be cooler than the rest of the fridge to better store meat, fish, and cold cuts.

5、Better Shelves and Drawers
You can re-arrange split shelves to different heights independently, and adjust doors to fit taller items. However, if your door has deep storage bins meant for eggs, milk, or butter, be aware that these items are better off on internal shelves where cooler temperatures keep them fresher longer. Elevator shelves crank up and down, without needing to be unloaded. Shelf snuggers attach to racks to secure bottles and jars. Pullout shelves or bins make access to stored items easier.

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