Bluaqua Refrigerator Water Filters Creates A Water Filter Business relationship with

Bluaqua filter is proud to announce a replacement affiliation with Bluaqua filter makers. Filterswell uses the newest technologies within the water business, as well as ten years of producing experience to supply the foremost effective, healthiest and best-tasting water handily and at the foremost reasonable price. The products are installed simply to put in your refrigerator.

Focusing at first on a restricted line of business of daily drinking made by the Texas-based ministry, Just Water, Bluaqua filters has plans to expand its line of business to incorporate point-of-use systems like refrigerator and under-sink models.

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Access to sources of fresh, uncontaminated water is a growing drawback round the world. Within the aftermath of a natural disaster like Japan’s recent tsunamis, access to drinking water might become nonexistent. In several third-world environments, gathering water remains a daily struggle. each Life’s filters area unit designed for these varieties of eventualities. The filters area unit gravity-fed and designed to be used with 2 plastic buckets to contain the water. The assembly method needs no written directions, solely a visible demonstration, so may be effective in areas wherever there’s a barrier. The filters have seen use in Haiti wherever 3,000 were sent within the aftermath of the recent earthquakes. 10,000 were sent to Japan once drinking water became inaccessible within the aftermath of the tidal wave. they need conjointly been employed in West Pakistan and Zimbabwe.

The water filters accommodate a porous outer ceramic casing containing carbon and extra resins. The pore size is 0.2 microns. This can be sufficiently small to forestall any microbiological organism from contaminating the water. Within the ceramic casing may be a layer of atomic number 6 designed to strip the water of chemicals and any further contaminates, in addition as unpleasant style or odor. additionally, the filters area unit heat-infused with micronized mixture silver designed to prevent the expansion of microbes inside the filter itself.

Every Life hopes to distribute these filters to wherever they’re most required and has plans to launch a sponsorship program for churches and missionaries World Health Organization need to be concerned in water comes. For data on however you’ll sponsor a development, please contact each Life by email at information ( @ ) glacialpurefilter dot com. further data regarding Glacialpure’s business line, as well as careful technical specifications and science laboratory reports, is found online at

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