How to change water filters for Frigidaire refrigerator

Locating the Filter Your refrigerator is equipped with a water filteringsystem. The water filter system filters all dispenseddrinking water, as well as the water used to produce ice.Water FilterThe water filter is located at the top right side of thefresh food compartment.replacing the Water FilterIn general, you should change the water filter every sixmonths to ensure the highest possible water quality.Water Filter Status on the user interface prompts youto replace the filter after a standard amount of water(200 gallons/757 liters for PureSource 3 through the system.If your refrigerator has not been used for a period of time(during moving for example), change the filter beforereinstalling the refrigerator.Ordering replacement FiltersTo order your replacement filters, please visit our onlinestore at, by calling toll-freeat 877-808-4195, or by visiting the dealer where youpurchased your refrigerator. Electrolux recommendsthat you order extra filters when you first install yourrefrigerator, and that you replace your filters at least onceevery six months.Here are the product numbers to request when ordering:PureSource 3TMWater Filter Part # WF3CB 18More about your Advanced Water FilterDo not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe orof unknown quality without adequate disinfection beforeor after the system. Systems certified for cyst reductionmay be used on disinfected waters that may containfilterable cysts.Test & certification results:• Rated Capacity – 200 gallons/757 liters for• Rated service flow – .50 gallons per minute) has flowedTM• Operating Temp.: Min. 33°F, Max. 100°F• Maximum Rated Pressure – 100 pounds per square• Recommended Minimum Operating Pressure: 30To replace your PureSource 3It is not necessary to turn the water supply off to changethe filter. Be ready to wipe up any small amounts of waterreleased during the filter replacement.1 Turn Off the ice maker power switch.2 Remove the filter by pushing on the end/face of the3 Slide the old water filter cartridge straight out of the4 Unpackage the new filter cartridge. Using the5 Push firmly until the cartridge snaps into6 Press a drinking glass against the water dispenser7 After filling one glass of water, continue flushing the8 Turn On the ice maker.9 Press and hold the Water Filter button on the IceThe PureSource 3TMis tested and certified to NSF/ANSI Standards42 and 53 for the reduction of claims specifiedon the performance data sheet.PureSource 3ice and water filterTMinchpounds per square inchfilter.housing and discard it.alignment guide, slide it gently into the filter housinguntil it stops against the snap-in connector at theback of the (you should hear a click as the cartridgeengages the snap-in connector).while checking for any leaks at the filter housing.Any spurts and sputters that occur as the systempurges air out of the dispenser system are normal.system for about four (4) minutes.& Water Dispenser control panel for three seconds.When the display changes from “red” to “Green,”the status has been reset. WATER FILTER WF3CB

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