How to maintain mental health of the elderly

Aging is the special psychological and neural response of the elderly to various things. This reaction varies from person to person and its performance is complex and variable. It seriously interferes with and damages the physiological functions of the elderly, prevents diseases, and affects nerves and immunity. , endocrine and other functional systems, thereby accelerating the occurrence and development of aging and aging diseases. There are three main factors affecting the mental health of the elderly.

1. Aging and disease: After the age of 60, people will cause a series of physiological and psychological degenerative changes, and physical strength and memory will gradually decline. This normal aging change inevitably makes the elderly feel “incompetent” and causes some physical discomfort and pain. Especially the elderly, even worried about “death is coming” and arbitrarily seeking medical drugs. If the disease worsens, some older people will feel sad, troubled and fearful. W10413645A Water Filters

 2. Trauma: After retirement, the elderly will face various inevitable accidents, such as the death of old friends, old friends, physical aging and deterioration of health. The trauma of the elderly has an important impact on quality of life, health and disease. Therefore, some older people cannot escape from pain and sorrow. Over time, they will have an adverse effect on health.

3. Environmental changes: The most common is the sudden changes in the surrounding environment, as well as the impact of social and family interpersonal relationships, which are often difficult for older people to adapt to, thus accelerating the aging process.

As the saying goes, the older the old, the smaller. As the saying goes, the old man becomes as self-willed, stubborn, furious and forgetful as a child, so that he may become a mentally ill person in the eyes of a psychiatrist. So, how can we keep the elderly in good physical and mental condition?

First, the mind is open-minded and contented. In the long-term medical practice, it is found that long-lived elderly people can always be open-minded, enthusiastic, and understanding. They are not content with the world and feel that their lives are full and satisfying. WF3CB Water Filters

Second, face the reality and get out of the wrong zone. As the elderly themselves, they should correct their attitudes and accept the reality. No matter what difficulties they encounter, they must take a realistic and positive attitude towards life, care for themselves, comfort themselves, and try to maintain a psychological balance. The elderly should actively and appropriately participate in some social activities and cultivate a wide range of hobbies (such as calligraphy, music, drama, painting, flower planting, collecting stamps, etc.). When people are old and have more free time, the elderly can learn more things, cultivate a variety of interests and hobbies, cultivate their sentiments, ULTRAWF Water Filters and handle all aspects of interpersonal relationships (including family members, friends and family, etc.). People are happy, and they like to be “the urchins.”

Third, to make friends (including young friends, heterosexual friends), often talk about the heart. The elderly will inevitably encounter some unpleasant things. They often vent their sorrows in the friends of friends, comfort each other, and communicate with each other, which helps the mood to be comfortable and plays an important role in maintaining psychological balance.

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