Refrigerator Buying Guide: Organization

Refrigerators today have a wide variety of bins, shelves, baskets and drawers to help you store your food in an organized manner.

Depending on the amount of food that you store at any given time will determine what types of organizational features you want to be looking for. In a review of numerous other refrigerator buying guides, we have found a wide variety of features you may not know are available:

  • Door Bins with Gallon Capacity – These bins can hold gallon sized juice and milk containers
  • Spill Proof Shelves – These are usually glass shelves that keep spills from falling through and ultimately splattering the items below.
  • Adjustable Shelves – These shelves allow you to move them up and down to create new space for larger dishes or taller food items.
  • Separate Humidity Controls – Some refrigerators have separate humidity controls in the produce drawers which help extend the life of your fruits and vegetables.
  • Sliding Shelves – These shelves make accessing items in the back of the fridge a snap.
  • Built-in Beverage Holders – allows you to neatly organize cans and bottles.
  • Reversible Door Swing – allows you to switch the direction of the door swing.
  • Lock Out Feature – This feature allows you to close off the water and ice dispenser so that children don’t inadvertantly play with it.

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