Refrigerator Making Noise When Dispensing Water

I changed the water filter in my refrigerator and it has brought on a noise. Since changing the filter, when I dispense water from the fridge, it makes a vibration or chugging noise. What motives this noise that all of a unexpected began after changing the water filter?

Refrigerator Making Noise When Dispensing Water

When a fridge makes a vibrating noise when meting out water, there are the four frequent things that can reason this noise issue. Check the filter, water lines for immoderate air, filter housing and water inlet valve.water filters 4396710

4 parts that can motive water dispenser noise in refrigerator:

  1. Faulty or Dirty Water Filter
  2. Air In Water Lines
  3. Faulty Water Inlet valve
  4. Damaged or Faulty Water Filter Housing

4 aspects that can cease water dispenser noise in refrigerator:

  1. Dirt/Dust Free OEM Water Filter
  2. Remove Air In Water Lines
  3. NEW Water Inlet Valve
  4. Clean/Fix Water Filter Housing

FAST FIX Refrigerator Noise When Dispensing Water:
Remove water filter and check for dust or gunk on head section.
Water filter is faulty, use a different water filter to test.
O-ring or seal is lacking from the filter housing or filter.
Seal is damaged on the water filter housing or filter.
Air in water lines – Run 15 full glasses of water to cast off air.
Water inlet valve noisy? Remove and replace.
Noise nonetheless coming from housing area? Remove and investigate filter housing.

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HINT: A inaccurate or normal fridge Water Filter can cause a vibrating sound in your fridge. If the new Water Filter causes your refrigerator to make a odd noise when you dispense water, try using a extraordinary Water Filter to see if that adjustments anything. Inspect where the Water Filter inserts into the Filter Housing. Is anything blocking the location or missing a seal?

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Troubleshoot the problem by using listening to where the noise is coming from. Dispense water from the dispenser and hear to where the sound originates from. Is the noise coming from the water inlet valve (back of the refrigerator) or the filter location (inside refrigerator)?

Noise Coming From Inside Refrigerator (Water Filter)
Remove the water filter from the housing.
Install the filter pass plug that must be placed with the fridge owners manual.
Dispense water from the water dispenser.
Does the filter omit plug give up the noise when water is dispensed?
If the noise stops, the water filter is the issue.
Remove the filter omit plug from the filter housing.
Inspect the HEAD SECTION on the water filter for any dust or gunk that should be inflicting a connection issue.
Clean the water filter of debris and be positive the seal is established on the filter housing. (if applicable)filter 3 whirlpool
Reinstall the water filter into the filter housing.
Dispense water to see if the noise still persists.
If the noise persists, change with a distinct dirt and dust free water filter.
If the use of the ignore plug does no longer do away with the noise, inspect the water inlet valve.

Refrigerator Noise Caused By Air In Water Lines
Simply run 10 to 15 full glasses of water from water dispenser.
This should do away with all air from the water strains in the refrigerator.

Refrigerator Noise Coming From Back (Replace Water Inlet Valve)
Carefully slide the fridge out from the wall.
Have anybody function the water dispenser while you pay attention to water valve at back.
Dispense water from the refrigerator water dispenser.
Carefully hear for the noise at the water inlet valve (located at the again of the refrigerator).
If the noise is coming from the water inlet valve it will need to be removed and replaced.
If the noise does no longer come from the water valve you will want to take a look at the filter housing.

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Refrigerator Water Filter Housing Issue
Unplug electricity to refrigerator.
Turn off water to refrigerator.
Remove screws or tabs that preserve panel over the filter housing.
Check here for refrigerator manuals to cast off your particular filter housing.
Refrigerator Service Repair Manual and Owners Manuals Online
Once removed take a look at for damage/faults.
If the filter housing assembly is damaged, exchange it with a new assembly.

NOTE: The above repair techniques will work with all brands of fridges along with GE, Whirlpool, Samsung, LG, Haier, Kenmore, Hotpoint, Emerson, Maytag, Sharp, Bosch, KitchenAid, Frigidaire, Toshiba, and Panasonic refrigerator/freezers.

Do you have questions about your fridge making noises after a water filter change? Please leave your problem below with your fridge mannequin number.whirlpool filter 4396841 lowes

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