What is the groundwater?

Groundwater is the water found underground in the cracks and spaces in soil, sand and rock. It is stored in and moves slowly through geologic formations of soil, sand and rocks called aquifers.


Groundwater supplies drinking water for 51% of the total U.S. population and 99% of the rural population.
Groundwater helps grow our food. 64% of groundwater is used for irrigation to grow crops.
Groundwater is an important component in many industrial processes.
Groundwater is a source of recharge for lakes, rivers, and wetlands.
We rely on groundwater – it’s the water we drink, the water that grows our food, the water that helps recharge our lakes and rivers.
While some groundwater contaminants are naturally occurring, unfortunately, the majority of groundwater contamination is the result of human activity.
                                            Groundwater Contamination
What can we do to make water drinkable?
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