Here i have some tips on drinking water in a right way,especially for most working people.  

Tip 1:Drink water after early rising.
If you dont drink water after early rising ,you will regret for all your life.200ml water is the necessary thing for you.Maybe many people dont know the principle of this theory,I will tell you about it now.
After one night’s metabolism, garbage in the body needs to be discharged.Water is a good detergent.But please dont drink water that is too cold or too hot.Water of 25-30 degrees is the most suitable.Cold boiled water and honey water are suitable for morning too.
By the way,dont drink water before brushing your teeth.Because it is easy to flush the residue and dirt from the mouth into the body, which is not good for health.
Tip 2:Sip water
Drink water too fast will cause headache、nausea or vomit.

Tip 3:Drink plenty of water when you feel strong pressure
When we work under strong pressure,we should drink more water to release it.Especially while we need to make an important choice,to drink a cup of water before it can help us to make a more correct decision.
The University of London has done an experiment they found that drinking water before the exam can improve students’ cognitive ability and make them perform better in the exam.Drinking water can help us keep our heads clear to some extent.

Tip 4:Drink more water when you catch a cold
The preceding is all about suggestions for office workers to drink water on the premise of good health.Then when we catch a cold,is water can be useful for our body to get health?
The New York Times points out that drinking plenty of water or juice for a cold can be very helpful for recovery.Because water helps to wash away some of the mucus in your throat and make you feel comfortable breathing.
In addition, if more serious, such as fever, the human body will have to cool itself out of the self-protective response, then there will be shortness of breath, sweating, skin evaporation water increased.At that time we need drink more water to replenish moisture.
Of course, drinking water is only an adjuvant treatment. If it’s too serious, you should go to see a doctor and take medicine.

Tip 5:Drink plenty of water when you are constipated
Due to irregular diet,worker might be constipated.The reason of causing constipation is that:
1、Lack of moisture in excrement accumulated in the body that has not yet been discharged;
2、The intestine and other organs have no excretion.
At that time,we need to drink plenty of water to stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, and ultimately promote defecation.

Tip 6:Drinking water before and after meals during weight loss period
For that people who need to lose weight,drinking water half an hour before meals can helps to increase feelings of fullness;drinking water half an hour after meals helps to enhance digestive capacity of intestine and stomach and helps to keep fit.

Tip 7:Dont drink too much water two hours before you fall asleep
Drinking too much water before bed can easily cause facial edema, and may wake up and go to the toilet during sleep, affecting sleep.
Filtered water is becoming more and more important in our life.We should care more about our health from every single things of our life.

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