What Can You Do To Protect Ground Water Sources

We used to know something about “What is groundwater”.Now let’s study more about it.
I have to say something about the importance of groundwater to the environment.
1、Groundwater dependent ecosystems
2、Recreating and aesthetics
3、Drinking water supply
4、Water for agricultral use
5、Water for industrial use
6、Social & cultural
There are two factors that need to be considered for groundwater prevention and control, because groundwater prevention and control is a very complex matter.
1、Source or Resource
2、Vulnerability and Pressure
There have three steps to protect it:
1、Map Groundwater Resources in detail
2、Identify existing and potential threats
3、Determine protection strategies
I have some details about what threats are.
1、Recharge reduction
2、Surface:Point source pollution
3、Surface:Diffuse source pollution
5、Over pumping
6、Exposure(even temporary) acid mine drainage
7、Saline intrusion
8、Irrigation(salinization;lack of drainage)
What can we learn about the strategies?
1、Wellhead protection plans
2、Land use planning and management,e.g.regulations
3、Public participation/Education & Awareness
4、Risk and vulnerability Assessments
5、Emergency planning(major spills of hazardous chemicals;droughts)
6、Anticipating the future(requirements and threats)
7、Regulation:e.g. control of threats of pollution and wastes
8、Economics and market mechanisms and codes of practice
9、Interactions with surfce waters
10、Monitoring(long and short term) and enforcement
11、Precautionary Principle
12、Include remediation of polluted groundwater
Protection of groundwater resources should start with us from every single things.

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