What did you start doing differently at the gym that quickly improved your results?

Do you know how professional NBA-player and 7″2″ behemoth Joel Embiid learned to shoot the basketball? EDR3RXD1 water filter

He spent hours on Youtube, watching un-athletic 30 year old white dudes shoot 3 pointers.] To him, those guys were the perfect guys to learn from. They didn’t have his size or extraordinary talent and— precisely because they didn’t—their shooting form was perfect. It was the only way they could contribute playing the game they loved.


In fitness, we tend to look at the biggest, strongest guys and assume they know what they’re doing.

And I get it. Life is complicated. Our brains don’t like that. They crave simplicity. But simplification leads us to simple cause-effect conclusions; we assume that people who look the way we want to look 1) know what they’re doing and 2) that what worked for them will work for us. kenmore 9030

Let me give you an example:

Mike O’Tren (real name O’Hearn) is a pretty big dude.

He’s a lot bigger than me. Also, his real name is O’Hearn. O’Tren is just a moniker playing on the popular anabolic steroid Trenbolone.

On his website, he sells anything from meal-plans to training programs and online personal training.

I’m sure a lot of people buy those products.

It makes sense that he knows what he’s doing. Mike O’Tren looks like Captain America took Captain America’s serum. He’s big as a fucking house and so lean his muscles look like they’re cut in stone.

But here’s the thing:

Mike O’Tren is on extraneous testosterone, commonly referred to as Anabolic Steroids, just steroids or simply roidz.

This shouldn’t surprise you.

He has also trained for 20+ years and I can’t imagine he eats too little protein to fuel muscle growth.

To a lot of people, Mike O’Tren seems like a saviour; an angel in spray-tan coming to save them from their skinny/fat hell. kenmore 9083

They see what they want to see. Someone who’s walked the road they wish to take their first steps on. A big dude who knows how to get big.

They only overlook one thing:

Achieving results in the gym is a multifaceted, complicated experience. There are SO MANY factors impacting it. A lot of those factors—like genetics, stress, sleep and training history—are not 100% in our control. Those successful in fitness are not necessarily successful because of what they’re consciously doing or the knowledge they possess. Many people have great bodies but lack the knowledge necessary to build a great body for others.

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