What health hacks should everyone know?

Always sleep on your left side.LT700P Water Filters

All my life my mom has always told me ‘sleep on your left ear.’ But she never explained why?

Anything happens, whether I am having gas, headaches, cramps or fever, my mother always advised to sleep on the left side.

I found this reason on the Internet.

This habit has benefits mainly related to our digestion process.

  • Better Elimination

The small intestine dumps waste through the ileocecal valve (ICV) on the right side of the body into the beginning of the large intestine. The large intestine travels up the right side of your belly the across the tummy, where it dumps waste into the descending colon on the left side.

Sleeping on the left side allows gravity to encourage the food waste to move more easily from the small intestine into the large intestine through the ICV. DA29-00003G Water Filters

As the night wears on and you continue to sleep on your left side, the waste moves more easily into the descending colon. With the help of gravity and a good night’s sleep on the left the side, the descending colon is full of waste to easily eliminate completely each morning.

  • Better Heart Function

Sleeping on the left also allows much of the intestines to hang away from the very thin-walled inferior vena cava (IVC) which brings venous blood back toward the heart. Interestingly, the IVC lies against the right side of the spine, so when you lie on the left much of the viscera falls away from the IVC. Here again, gravity is just making the heart’s job a little easier. WF3CB Water Filters

  • Ever Feel Sleepy After a Big Meal?

In Ayurveda , it is common practice to rest on the left side of the body after taking a meal. Ayurveda suggests a short, ten minute rest on the left side to help the body properly digest the food.

The stomach and the pancreas (which make digestive enzymes) hang like slings on the left side. When you lie on the left side, the stomach and pancreas hang naturally, allowing for optimal and efficient digestion. The food is encouraged to move through the stomach naturally and the pancreatic enzymes are released as needed rather than all at once, which might happen more easily than if you were on the right side with the pull of gravity.

If you lie on the right side, the stomach and pancreas will hang in a somewhat unnatural position, forcing them to empty their contents prematurely. ULTRAWF Water Filters

  • Other benefits :
  • Facilitate lymphatic drainage.
  • Support healthy spleen function.
  • Encourages proper digestion.
  • Helps circulation back to the heart.
  • Helps bile flow more freely.

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