When and Where do I Need to Replace my Fridge Filter? Bluaqua Kenmore Water Filter 3 Reviews (Fits Kenmore 46-9020)

When do I want to replace my fridge filter?

Most manufacturers suggest replacing the filter each six months, depending on water pleasant and use. If there may be a lot of sediment in your system, it may additionally want to be replaced extra frequently. If you have a large family that drinks a lot of water, it will need to be changed more frequently than a single person’s filter. Kenmore 9999 Refrigerator water filter

There are four reliable approaches of understanding when it is time to replace your refrigerator water filter:

  • Follow the manufacturer’ recommendations. Their detailed replacement timing will err on the aspect of warning so you can be guaranteed that your water satisfactory is continually safe.
  • Look at the light. Most fridges with built-in water structures have a fame indicator mild that will glow when it is time to substitute the filter.
  • Pay attention to taste. Your taste buds will inform you when it’s time to replace the filter because when the filter is exhausted and no longer purifying your water, the taste will end up unpleasant. It may alternate in visible look too.
  • Monitor flow. If your ice maker is only producing one or two cubes at a time, it is time for a clean filter. The slowed production is a signal of a blocked filter.
replace my fridge filter

Kenmore 9999 Refrigerator water filter

Where do I buy substitute filters? Do I purchase them from the manufacturer?

Most filters can be observed at massive container stores, you do not have to order them without delay from the manufacturer. Because remembering to buy a substitute filter each six months can feel like a problem and is effortless to forget, ordering on-line can be extra convenient. And you can make your existence simpler and cross a reorder filter? off your to-do listing via signing up for a filter subscription that will auto-ship your order every 6, 12 or 18 months. Bonus: Save 10 percentage on subscription orders. Kenmore 9999 Refrigerator water filter

Bluaqua water filter 3

Price: $22.68 (1 Pack)

✔️ Reduces many contaminants and chlorine for better tasting water

✔️ Provides fresh, filtered water and ice from your refrigerator

✔️ 6-month lifespan / 200 gallons

✔️ NSF certified

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