Why do bakeries throw away so much good food at the end of the day instead of donating it?

Many times if the company goes on a catering event – during which we handle large accounts, the businesses don’t bother to take the left over food after catering and there is still a truckload left. 4396841 Water Filters

The guests barely eat a plate and we have table of servings which never get served at all.

The guests barely eat and now we have a van full of food in our warmers, trays, fridges which we spent the time preparing with care – for hours or days upon end.

The staff takes some home – but there are many times so much is left that it can fill a walk in fridge several times over.

We can not serve most of that food to our next clients because it is not in the contract – EPTWFU01 Water Filters which leaves PLENTY of food uneaten and fully available to be given for charity or donation.

I have called many many many times to the Salvation Army and other homeless shelters and charities – and they will not pick it up unless it is not prepared (basically it has to be groceries prior to being cooked or prepped) – which makes no sense; because if we have the groceries, then they will be used for the catering event.

Often we have hundreds of racks of ribs, beef brisquit, pork, soups, baked goods or cooked chicken or large bowls of salad, fresh baked bread, sliced vegetables or fruit – like earlier posted…enough to fill a walk in fridge several times – and this is the leftover uneaten food which was never put onto anybody’s plate. W10413645A Water Filters

The charities refuse to take them because it was already cooked…even if it’s only an hour old, they won’t touch it.

They say for health reasons…which is bullshit – because I and my team are very concerned about food safety ourselves – and would never serve food which is going bad in any fashion.

However, Salvation Army won’t even consider it – even though they turn away several hundred people a day from their food lines.

What we have left over is among the best food you will ever eat – and sadly we can’t set up tables in a park and serve it to homeless or poor – because our business license will be taken away. WF3CB Water Filters

Shelters won’t take the food, Salvation Army won’t take the food – and we have next to no place to keep storing it.

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