Why we can’t drink water before we fall asleep?

Everything has two sides.Drinking water is no exception. Drinking time also needs attention.
I will take drinking water before bed for example.Let’s start with the bad side.
1、Drinking water before bed is easy to swell;
2、It keeps the kidneys working so that it hurts the kidneys;
3、It will cause hypertrophy of bladder.
Then lets talk about the good side:
1、There is no doubt that people should drink more water.People need water as much as they sleep;
2、Some scientists have found that drinking water before bed can reduce blood viscosity, thereby reducing the incidence of myocardial infarction.

Then should we drink water before we go to sleep?

I have an advice that we can drink two hours before we fall asleep by sipping water to avoid become edema and to promote blood circulation.Keeping healthy is our lifelong career.

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